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I am an upholder of the idea that one should feel alive when performing work. With that in mind, I enjoy creating work that allows my dancers to feel alive; work that artists can connect with on a deeper level. A quote that I cherish deeply is accredited to Jane Roberts. The quote reads, “Dreaming or awake, we perceive only events that have meaning to us.” I always strive to create works that are reflective of important events in my life, events that may be shared by audience members. I make an effort to create art that both my audience and I perceive as meaningful. Art that leaves a lasting impression. I want my audience to be receptive to my work. I want the audience to form a relationship with what they are viewing on stage. I listen to the environment and the stories of my dancers to try and create the space for these meaningful events to occur. I believe the purity of listening happens when given the space to improvise. I find there to be an authentic and beautiful experience that develops from being immersed in an improvisation score. Improvisation creates a level of hyper-awareness in the space. The technique allows us to hone in on our senses and listen to what is going on around us. As a result, we have space for honesty in our movement. In addition to improvisation, I am heavily influenced by music when choreographing. I often find the desire to use movement as an additional layer to the music. More than anything, I strive to produce a genuine connection between the artist and the movement and not only share this experience with audience members, but relate this experience to the lives of audience members.

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