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Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

2a. Creating an Environment of Rapport 

2b. Establish a Culture for Learning

2c. Managing Classroom Procedures

2d. Managing Student Behavior 

2e. Organizing Physical Space

2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

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At the beginning of my clinical internship, I asked students to create choreography about themselves based on three adjectives listed in the Google Form or adjectives chosen on their own. The lesson was designed to gain an understanding of how students perceived themselves and create an environment of respect and rapport. 

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A testimonial on behalf of Field Supervisor, attesting to my abilities to create an environment of rapport and respect, as well as manage classroom procedures.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.05.41

2b. Establishing a Culture for Learning 

Students are encouraged to engage in learning and demonstrate an eagerness to recall the upstanding options listed in the video we watched. Additionally, I engage students in learning by saying, “I think it would be extremely beneficial to all of us if we could work with the four upstanding options to create movement. Can we use our bodies to share what it means…?” This helps deepen and clarify the importance of the lesson. 

2c. Managing Classroom Procedures & 2d. Managing Student Behavior

A classroom management plan I created during the course Classroom Organization for Inclusive and Special Classrooms. The plan includes: 

  • Classroom physical design

  • Classroom procedures

  • Addressing special student needs

  • Cultural responsiveness 

  • Classroom rules 

  • Classroom incentives & reinforcement of            appropriate behaviors 

  • Consequences for inappropriate behaviors 

  • Communication & working with parents/guardians

  • Data collection, review, evaluation & future modification of classroom management plan 

2e. Organizing Physical Space

This is a floor plan created during the course, Teaching Concepts in Dance for Students with Special Needs to present the organization of my dance classroom. Additional detail can be found in artifacts 2c & 2d.

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